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I felt alone, desperate and exhausted when I made contact with Sarah, via her website. I had been drinking too much, daily, for approx. 18 years. I had tried to stop drinking on my own, but the call of wine o’clock always lured me back. Wine o’clock got earlier and earlier……

Sarah’s methodical, caring, no nonsense approach was amazing. She helped me explore my life and gave me strategies to deal with the issues / people that were causing me stress. Sarah’s approach is holistic and individual. I am sure each person’s encounter with Sarah is different and tailored to their circumstances.

Sarah helped me simplify my life and the loud chatter in my head! I feel calmer, in control and I don’t need alcohol as an emotional crutch any more. I am grateful to her for helping me feel more peaceful and positive and for giving my daughter a mother who can now spend quality time with her (and remember it!).

K H’s Blog

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