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I came to Sarah after well over a decade of realising I needed to change my relationship with alcohol and 5 years after trying to stop. I had had two previous attempts, both of them having read all the books, joined the online sober community. Both times I went back to drinking. I went back because fundamentally I still felt that I wanted to drink but couldn’t, that I would love to be able to drink socially but I couldn’t. I was using willpower and ultimately, it doesn’t work.

When I came to Sarah I really had got to the point where I had almost given up hope. I was living two lives, the mother, wife and worker and a secret life of shame, secrets and guilt. It was destroying me. Physically I had started to get serious health problems and mentally I just couldn’t see a way out. I felt trapped, scared and destined to this half-life.

Sarah was able to guide me out of this, empowering me to tap into my own resources and strength. Knowing that I had her by my side every step of the way made a huge difference. Being honest with someone for the first time about everything also made a huge difference.

At the end of the six weeks I am feeling in the best place I have ever been in terms of my relationship with alcohol. Something has clicked in my head and I no longer look at it as a desirable thing, something to “abstain” from, something to want but not have, something to “avoid”. It really is like a lover that I had an obsession with, couldn’t get out of my head and then I moved on and didn’t think about.

Sarah blends empathy, common sense and a vast knowledge on the subject to deliver a support programme that works. I have tried all sorts of therapy, hypnotherapy, online blogs, books and willpower. This is the first time I can really feel it inside me that something has fundamentally changed. I cannot thank Sarah enough for enabling me to get to this point. She is one in a million. Onward and upwards now!

Susan’s Blog

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